Commitments and Requirements for PIP

We're excited to hear about your interest in becoming part of the PIP community. Our team has been working hard to ensure that you are free to express yourself and your interests in a safe and supportive environment. We take the safety and wellbeing of our team and contributors very seriously, so we've set in place some commitments and requirements so we can best achieve our goals in a space that brings out the best in all of us. The PIP Program for Girls ("PIP" standing for "Pursue, Inspire Passions), is a program founded and run by young women for young women. Created by sophomores Hannah Saraf and Mary Harmon in June of 2020, we originated as a mentorship program in which successful women partnered with young girls in order to help them learn and achieve in an environment conducive to growth. 

Since then, we've made a couple changes. PIP has shifted from being a mentorship program to online spaces, or "hubs", where young women can discuss topics such as politics, history, or language with others who share the same passions. (This list is not exhaustive though, so please follow up with any questions about our other offerings!)

Requirements: We have created chat and discussion rooms through a group messaging and collaboration app called Geneva, which we hope will inspire connection between our wonderful community members. While we do encourage the thoughtful disperse of ideas and points, PIP has no tolerance for disrespect or discrimination in any form. We've borrowed some community guidelines from The Bush School in Seattle, Washington that we think are important in harboring safe and productive discussions.

The link to these guidelines can be found on our Geneva page post sign-up.

Commitments: Although PIP is planning to use a socratic seminar format for many of our hub discussions, we don't want this to feel formal or scripted! Participants are encouraged to speak their minds and have a relaxed plan of their additions to the discussion, however we do not want this to feel like an obligation. The purpose of these discussions is to give you the opportunity to connect and reflect with others who are as excited about your topic as you are, this should not feel forced.