The PIP Program for Girls

Pursue and Inspire Passions 

We, as a team, are working to ensure that all young, female identifying individuals have a safe and supportive space to connect with peers with common interests. 

Vision: Our vision is to inspire young women so that they are able to achieve success with support and so that they are able to overcome societal barriers keeping them from that success. 


Our Founders and Leaders

Creators of the PIP Project

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The PIP Founders: Hannah Saraf & Mary Harmon

Hannah and Mary are high school sophomores passionate about making a difference in the world in all possible ways. This is their first project and they are choosing to start with gender equality as it impacts the lives of more than half of the population on the planet. They are passionate students and hope to inspire other students to be just as engaged and motivated as they are.

Sporty Girls


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Juliette Krevat

Communications and Outreach Manager

Juliette Krevat is a high school sophomore. She is passionate about social justice and cultural studies. Juliette is so excited to join the PIP Program as part of a vehicle for intersectional feminism and hopes to make a significant, positive impact on many girls' lives through her work.


Rose Shipley

Visual Design Manager

Rose Shipley is a Junior in high school and PIP’s visual design manager! She works in Seattle’s art scene and has a passion for filmmaking. She loves that as visual design manager I get to use my passion for art in my work. She started working in film at 13 and looking back, she says she wished she had a program like PIP to support her.


Elise Lombardi

Social Media Manager

Elise is a high school sophomore in Seattle who was inspired to join the PIP team because of the goals of the organization. She believes everyone, especially women, deserve to discover purpose through passions.



The art on our contact page was created as a gift for our organization inspired by the artists Japanese heritage and based on our organizations colors/message. The artist would like to go uncredited. 

(The rest of the art on our page was either done by our virtual design manager or licensed for usage on our page)